The Mistress


Poppy Liu is a classically trained Actress, a Queer first generation Chinese-American, and a Poet who uses storytelling as a vehicle for healing and collective liberation.

Most recently she has been on a national tour with Names of Women, a short film based on her abortion story, leading workshops on healing justice and speaking about why storytelling is a necessary and essential tool for social activism. Poppy is taking on the role of Mistress Yin in MERCY MISTRESS.

Connect with Poppy: & Instagram @poppyrepublic


- The New York Times

"Gut-punching canon ball performance."
- The Reviews Hub

"Beyond empowering."
- Theatre is Easy


On being Mistress Yin:

Sometimes a role takes you by storm.
Sometimes a project sweeps you away from this world, reminds you why you're an artist, makes you cry because you remember that storytelling can change lives.

Sometimes character work means sleeping with two thick pieces of rope in your beside table so you can practice bondage on yourself. 

Sometimes storytelling means finding out how you self destruct and build back up, witnessing how you inherit pain and pass it down, learning to harness violence so it doesn't continue on.

Sometimes a good story lets you die and be reborn cuz there is bliss and birth allowing your edges to blur. Part of you must die before you can let someone new into yourself.